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Welcome to The Lochearn Improvement
Association, Incorporated official website.
The Lochearn Improvement Association is
dedicated to serving the residents of the
Lochearn community in Baltimore County,
Maryland.  Promoting the common good,
improving and maintaining the livability of
the community is a priority.  The
association is governed by its eleven
member Board of Directors and four
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All residents who reside within the
Lochearn Improvement Association area
are eligible for membership.  Members
eligible to vote at general and special
meetings must be a current resident and in
good standing.  

Membership dues are only $10 per year.  
Residents may pay by cash, check or money
order at any association  meeting or event.  
The Association will be accepting online
payments soon.
18A, north of Liberty Road between
Campfield Road and Oak Avenue and south
of Alter Street.  The community is
comprised of nearly 700 beautiful single
family dwellings.  

The Lochearn Presbyterian Church, located
on Patterson Avenue, is also a vital partner
in the community.

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Fundraising can be FUN as well as
productive.   The Lochearn Improvement
Association, Inc. will regularly conduct and
promote fundraisers to fund our activities.  
If you would like to be a member of our
fundraising committee or you would like to
share some ideas for fundraising, please let
us know.

Soliciting donations, conducting regular
fundraisers and collecting membership dues
allow the Lochearn Improvement
Association to provide many services and
host events that are beneficial to everyone.  
To simply put it, the more money that is
raised, more events can be hosted by the
Lochearn Improvement Association, Inc.  
We encourage everyone to attend the events,
pay your membership dues and take
advantage of what we have to offer.
The Lochearn Improvement Association